Director's Message

For over 15 years YMCA Camp Coniston has brought after school care to elementary schools in Sullivan and Merrimack counties. Our team of staff understands how important it is to create a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your children, while you are at work. Staff members participate in 18 hours of professional development each year to ensure we craft a developmentally appropriate and enjoyable program. Whether we are playing a pick-up game of soccer, creating robots out of cardboard, making snowflakes out of coffee filter, watercolors, and (of course) glitter, or working on our homework; we are doing it together. We encourage all children to work as a team, while sharing their individualism. Without the great minds of our Afterschoolers we may never have thought to explore how many blocks it takes to make a tower reach the ceiling, which folds make a paper plane fly the furthest, or where to place a fasten to create the perfect duct tape wallet. Exploring, playing, and problem solving together make our afternoons fun.

We welcome parent visitors at anytime and are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas. I look forward to meeting you and your family this school year.

See you soon!

Nicole Berthiaume
Afterschool Director

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