Check-In & Check-Out

One-Week Resident Camp Check-In

Monday, 11:00am - Noon

  • Upon your arrival between 11 AM – Noon, you will be greeted by the barn and directed where to park your vehicle on the athletic field. Families are asked to mark their camper’s name and cabin number on each item of luggage (cabin assignments are posted at 11 AM). There will be numbered posts, according to cabin number, placed on the perimeter of the parking lot.
  • Staff will help you unload any suitcases, trunks or duffel bags and bring to the appropriate cabin number. Unload the rest of your child’s light gear and carry it with you. The trunks/bags placed on the athletic field are marked and will be delivered to the proper cabin.
  • If your child has any medications (prescription and over-the-counter) proceed to the Pavilion to see the nurses and review dosage information.
  • Campers who have no medications can proceed directly to the Health Check Area with a parent just outside the cabin area, so that we can conduct a general health and head lice check. Once your camper is cleared at the Health Check Area, he/she will be given a pass to move into the cabin.
  • Families should be leaving Camp by Noon to allow their children time and space to start making new friends and get together with their counselors before camper lunch at 12:30 PM.
  • If you have any questions or concerns on Check-In or Check-Out, the Camp Directors are available to speak to you and can be found in Main Camp.
  • Campers do not have a store account. Please purchase sweatshirts, hats, etc. on Check-In and Check-Out days. The store is closed during the session.

One-Week Resident Camp Check-Out

Saturday, 9:00am - 10:00am

  • Park your car on the athletic field. Proceed to your camper’s cabin to meet your child and his/her counselors (please wait until 9 AM to enter cabins).
  • Sign out your child at his or her cabin.
  • At your camper’s cabin, please check shelves, under beds, the outside clothesline, and any clothes hung up, to make sure you have everything. Due to the overwhelming amount of Lost & Found, we do not have enough staff to sort through belongings left behind. All Lost & Found is donated to charity at the end of each session.
  • Pick up any medication from the nurses in front of the dining hall.
  • Stop by the Registration tent for instructions on how to apply for next year.
  • Check the Lost & Found just past the tennis courts.
  • Camp vehicles will transport trunks and bags back to the athletic field. You will find your child’s gear located at the corresponding cabin post. Pay special attention to laundry bags & pillowcases. These are items that seem to be left behind most frequently.

If you live far from Camp Coniston, see About Camp > Area Lodging for information on staying in the area.