Check-In & Check-Out

Two-Week Resident Camp Check-In

Sunday, Noon - 2:00pm

  • To receive a cabin assignment on Check-In, your camper must have the following completed and uploaded to your online account:
    • Health History and Examination form, with a copy of your health and prescription insurance card
      (Note: both front and back of card must be copied)
    • Activity form
    • Letter to My Cabin Leader form
    • Payment in full
  • Campers should arrive between Noon and 2 PM
  • Lunch will not be served on Check-In day, so please be sure to eat before arriving at Camp.
  • Cabin assignments will be given out starting at Noon on Check-In day. Please DO NOT arrive early: our staff will not be ready for you, and your wait time will only increase.
  • Parking is on the Athletic Field, where you will meet our staff.
  • Swim tests, camp tours as a cabin-group, and other activies for all campers will begin at 2:30 PM. All parents should leave Camp at this time, so their children can begin making new friends.
  • Anyone with missing health forms will need to meet with the nursing staff in the Infirmary, before they can receive their cabin assignment.
  • If you have any medications (prescription and over-the-counter), proceed to the Pavilion with your child and their medications for a quick check-in with the nurses regarding dosage. If there is a long line, you may check in at the Health Check Area first. All medications must be in their original containers, with instructions printed on the bottle.
  • Campers who have no medications can proceed directly to the Health Check Area with a parent, for a quick general health and head lice check. Once your camper is cleared at the Health Check Area, he/she will receive a pass to move into their cabin.
  • Visit the Camp Store, open on Check-In days.

Two-Week Resident Camp Check-Out

Saturday, 9:00am - 11:00am

  • Park your car on the Athletic field at the front of Camp.
  • Sign out your child at his/her cabin.
  • Pick up any unused medication at Dining Hall Front Porch.
  • Check all lost and found locations (bath houses, cabins, and the fence near the main gate).
  • Check your camper’s cabin for any gear not delivered to the A-Field by truck.
  • Camp will not send lost and found to campers after the session. Check all locations thoroughly.
  • Stop by the Registration tent for instructions on how to apply for next year.
  • Camp vehicles will transport trunks and bags back to the athletic field. You will find your child’s gear located at the corresponding cabin post. Pay special attention to laundry bags & pillowcases. These are items that seem to be left behind most frequently.
  • Visit the Camp Store, open on Check-Out days.

If you live far from Camp Coniston, see About Camp > Area Lodging for information on staying in the area.