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Camp is chartered!

Camp Soangetaha opens!
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February 8, 1911

State of NH issues charters for the Sullivan County Committee of YMCAs.

The Sullivan County YMCA opened Camp Soangetaha, which operated for one summer at the Meriden Bird Sanctuary, the first in the world.

Wayne C. Jordan (pictured) was the first Camp Director.
Soangataha logo


Soangetaha name chosen.

Camp moves to Rand’s Pond.
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Camp gets it's name

Soangetaha name chosen by Dartmouth students.

Camp Sonagetaha logo (pictured) created and will be used through the 1930s.

Camp moves to Rand’s Pond near Mt. Sunapee. Link to Rand's Pond on Google Maps
Photo of P.A. Foster?


P.A. Foster is Camp Director
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Camp Director P.A. Foster

begins (through 1915) and operates Camp in its new location on Rand’s Pond, ten miles from our current location on Lake Coniston.
Photo of Coed Camping?


YMCA Camp Soangetaha goes coed
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YMCA Camp Soangetaha

began administering coed camping programs, making our YMCA one of the oldest coed camps in the nation!
Supporting WW I Troops


Sullivan County YMCA support WW I Troops
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Supporting World War I Troops

As part of a national YMCA program which administered aid and support to US troops fighting in World War I (which eventually became the USO), campers, volunteers and staff from the Sullivan County YMCA raise $155,000 in two years.
Camp Interlaken for Girls


Camp Interlaken for Girls opens
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Camp Interlaken for Girls opens

The Dudley family of Hanover NH opens a private girls’ camp, Camp Interlaken for Girls, on Long Pond in Croydon, NH. The property and buildings would later be sold to our YMCA as the new home for Camp Coniston.
Rand's Pond Propery


Camp Soangetaha purchases Rand's Pond property
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Rand's Pond property purchased

The Sullivan County YMCA purchases the property on Rand's Pond for Camp Soangetaha.

Many of Coniston's enduring traditions date from the years at Rand's Pond ... the CIT Trip to Mt. Washington, Sunday Select programs, closing campfire, the triangle ceremony, bathhouses named “The College”, and even the Camp Bell!
New logo for Soangetaha


New logo for Camp Soangetaha
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A new logo for Camp Soangetaha

The new logo for Camp Soangetaha incorporates the Soangetaha name and Chief Hiawatha image.
George Wheeler


George Wheeler
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George Wheeler

becomes Director of Camp Soangetaha.

Soangetaha, “a camp of proved desire and known delight,” operated under this slogan until the camp moved from Rand’s Pond in 1964. The name Soangetaha comes from Longfellow’s Hiawatha who is featured in the logo.
old Long Pond pic


Lake Coniston gets its name
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Lake Coniston is named.

At the request of the State of New Hampshire, Long Pond in Croydon is renamed Lake Coniston by the Dudley Family.