Director of School-based Programs

The Director of School-based Programs will be responsible for maintaining the coordination, implementation, and administration of all afterschool and tutoring programs and will have overall accountability for the growth, quality and success of the program operation, its students and staff/volunteers. The Director is responsible for ensuring the daily operations of our afterschool program for Kindergarten through 5th grade students and tutoring for our middle and high school students. The specific duties of the Director include program development and management, processing payments and budgeting, staff and volunteer onboarding and development, and parent, child, staff, and school collaboration. They will oversee a safe, nurturing, and well-supervised after school program; be the liaison with parents, collaborators, school management, volunteers, and visitors to display the site and the program positively. This person makes decisions based on sound developmental knowledge and continues learning best practices of the early childhood field.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in education, recreation, or related field
  • Desire and ability to work with children in an age-appropriate manner running a recreation-based after school program
  • Ability and experience in recruiting and supervising staff
  • Ability to be flexible and multitask
  • Excellent public relations skills
  • Ability to be decisive yet supportive
  • Available for office/site hours 9:30-6:00pm, Mon-Fri
  • Current drivers license
  • Ability to pass criminal record checks/child abuse clearance
  • Current, or ability to acquire, CPR/First Aid certification

Responsible To:
Director of Staff Development and Alumni Relations


Afterschool Programs currently in 5 sites

Online tutoring in local school districts leveraging the Coniston Community


  • Hire/manage- Site Directors, support staff, and volunteers for each site
  • Scheduling staff and volunteers
  • Payroll- biweekly payroll for employees
  • Billing- monthly, late payments, determining the need of financial help to families
  • Maintain budget information for the program
  • Register students- May and throughout the year
  • School site communication- with principals and teachers
  • Parent communication- regarding any changes or issues within the program, and recruitment
  • Train all staff and volunteers for both programs


  • Maintain appropriate amount of site participants to meet budgetary necessities, not falling below 75-80% enrollment of youth
  • Hire, train, and support site staff
  • Substitute for Afterschool staff
  • Supervise programs- direct communication with Site Supervisors and Assistants.
  • Parent Communication- student and behavior issues
  • Purchase and supply sites with snacks and materials
  • Regulate site organization of supplies by site staff
  • Regularly visit all sites


Additional summer duties to be assigned 

Health Coverage
Paid vacation
Professional development opportunities

Applicants should send resume and cover letter to:
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Phone: 603-863-1160
Fax: 603-863-1620
Contact: Nicole Berthiaume

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