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YMCA Camp Coniston’s Afterschool programs are located in Plainfield Elementary, Sunapee Central Elementary, Mount Lebanon Elementary School, Hanover Street School and KRES – New London. The programs provide children with a safe, nurturing environment under the supervision of childcare professionals in a recreation-based program. Every student will have the opportunity to learn and grow through participation in physical outdoor and indoor activities, crafts and games, homework assistance, and snack time. However, Afterschool is more than that. We focus on promoting and enforcing the core values of YMCA Camp Coniston: caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. The heart of our program encourages children to have a sense of pride and responsibility in the program. Our staff understands the importance of allowing youth to express themselves and encourages self-sufficiency and individuality which, in turn, creates young people better prepared to handle difficulties encountered in adolescence.

Active and successful participation in the afterschool program entails the ability to independently, safely and cooperatively:

  • Interact with similarly aged children in the school and on the school playground, and take part in the social and playtime of the group.

  • Exhibit suitable behavior without needing more than the usual amount of individual attention given that the program is not able to provide 1:1 assistance.

  • Be responsible for personal care, and individual health and safety, given that the program cannot access the school nurse.

  • Demonstrate age appropriate bathroom practices.

  • Follow a varied individual and group activity schedule, and manage time with appropriate supervision.

  • Join in group activities that build community, such as games and family-style snack time.

  • Be respectful to other students, teachers and staff members.

  • Act appropriately in case of emergency.

  • Contribute positively to the overall spirit of the Coniston community.

YMCA Camp Coniston endeavors to arrange reasonable accommodations within the framework established in the Experience Statement and provide a quality experience for all.

Adopted by YMCA Camp Coniston Board of Directors: March 20, 2014

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