2024 spring chronicle

John Tilley has been researching how Camp can impact the adolescent brain. Click the link below to see how the research is lining up with his thoughts.

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Thank you to the individuals and foundations who made financial assistance for 493 campers possible in 2023.

The Coniston Board began a 7-year strategic plan with The Coniston Fund at its center in 2017. This plan transformed into the Heart of Coniston Campaign during and after COVID thanks to incredible support from the Coniston Community.

There are places where memories are built and lives change forever—Coniston is one of those places. That is why we hope you will support our mission of making Camp available to all.

In a matter of weeks, the sound of laughter will echo across the lake. Campers will reunite with friends, jump off the high dive for the first time, and sleep with wonder and giggles under a blanket of stars. These are the days that build independent and confident adults and is a transformative experience every child deserves.

Last summer, the Coniston Community provided financial assistance to 493 children—one out of every four campers! This is one aspect that makes Coniston unique. Camp is filled with children from every walk of life and that is why it works. It is also why we need your support.

Your generous contribution will directly fund camperships, maintenance of our facilities, and the development of new programs! I hope you can help.

Adolescence, the time between childhood and adulthood, is heavily centered on mastery of social skills. Research shows Camp is an unusually effective setting to train these muscles!