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Lessons at Coniston that Shape Future Careers

leaders in training

The Leader in Training program (LIT) is a 10 week job opportunity for campers who have completed the CIT program the previous summer. LITs get a holistic view of how Coniston summer programming operates. LITs rotate their responsibilities between in-cabin counseling, assisting the administrative office and operating facilities.

become a mentor

Support the Coniston Community by becoming a mentor and give
advice on college and career choices for younger Conistonians. 

coniston in college

Check out which colleges other Conistonians have attended or are currently enrolled in. Feel free to connect with a Coniston college representative to get an insider perspective to colleges you may be interested in attending—perhaps you can even meet up for a personalized tour.

professional development

We get it. You sometimes hear it from your friends or relatives. Being a camp counselor can have the connotation of being a “summer off” from preparing for the “real world.” But as we all know, it’s the lessons learned at camp that are some of the most powerful in our day-to-day lives. In this role of responsibility, the challenges faced and experiences gained provide skills and confidence that are applicable not only in daily life, but in any field or industry. Remember: Every summer, parents trust you with their most valuable possessions: their kids!

what is a camp & Non-Profit Associate

A camp and non-profit associate is a one to two year program for young professionals centered around operating a non-profit and holistic management training. The position handles essential functions such as marketing, operations and management of staff while furthering Coniston’s mission.

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