Professional Development

How to highlight your coniston experience

staff training

You’ve probably heard it before. To some, being a camp counselor has the connotation of being a “summer off” from preparing for the “real world.” But as all of us know, any day on the job includes:

• Supervising and evaluating a staff of 10 (or more!)
• Representing organizational culture through superior customer service interactions with parents
• Facilitating conflict resolution and managing activities to resolve disputes
• Maintaining an upbeat demeanor through a twelve hour work day
• Critically evaluating emergency situations and acting within established protocols
• Receiving critical evaluation and taking corrective action
• And so much more!!

The lessons learned at camp are some of the most powerful in our day-to-day lives. Conistonians recognize that facing challenges and gaining experience at camp provides skills and confidence that are applicable not only in daily life, but in any field or industry. However, it’s YOUR job to make sure that the language in your cover letter, resume, LinkedIn, or curriculum vitae convey that message to an employer who might not understand camp.

We offer these resources to assist you in applying your skillset to the language and process of hiring. Please check back periodically for updates.