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Leaders in training

LITs at Check-In


The Coniston Leader-In-Training (LIT) program is the second phase of Coniston’s Leadership Program and a majority of our Campers-In-Training (CITs) apply after completing their CIT summer. There are 20 girl LIT spots and 16 boy LIT spots available each summer. Unlike the CIT program the LIT program is a paid position with YMCA Camp Coniston. Because campers are transitioning from camper to staff member there are many new parts of his/her Coniston experience. LIT staff have the honor to join a long line of staff members that change the lives of numerous campers every summer. 

LITs will rotate through multiple areas of camp to gain a well-rounded experience of how a summer camp is run. They will spend four weeks living in a cabin with 10, 12 or 16 campers and working alongside 1, 2 or 3 other staff members. They will pair this experience with teaching two different program areas. LITs must have a current lifeguarding certification to work in a water related program area. This certification could have been obtained through Coniston during CIT summer or during a Red Cross sponsored program outside of camp. All certified lifeguards will receive updated certifications during staff week through a recertification practical and the written examination. All staff will receive CRP, AED and First Aid Certifications during staff week.

LITs will also spend four weeks living out-of-cabin. In this role they will spend two-weeks helping in Coniston’s kitchen and two-weeks working in Coniston’s program office. During this time some LITs are selected to support an Adventure Camp Trip, the Office or supervise Staff Kids.

Program area, cabin placements, kitchen assignment, and program designation will be available upon LIT check-in. LIT staff also take part in the entire staff training week. Pre-camp training is required by all staff members annually. The overall objective of the week is to help create a team of staff that can work together to serve the best interests of the campers.

LIT staff have designated time off from their job and the responsibility of conducting themselves accordingly. YMCA Camp Coniston does not help plan or supervise staff days-off.

LIT staff are held to the same standards as all other Coniston staff members during employment. Any violation of the Coniston Code of Conduct or other policies and regulations as stated in the Staff handbook does put the LIT at risk for immediate termination of their contract at any point during the employment period. 

There are numerous factors that go into LIT selection. Factors may include confidence demonstrated at camp, initiative shown, hometown job and leadership experiences, interactions with CIT group and camp staff, application insight (answers), external recommendations, and availability to work the full summer (including session 5).

The LIT application is comprised of written questions, activity selection and three external references.

The applicant must submit the LIT application by October 30th. References have until November 15th to submit the recommendation form.

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