Camp Tour

YMCA Camp Coniston’s facility stretches 1,200 acres across three towns, but is primarily located in Croydon, NH. Many recognize the Coniston facility because of Lake Coniston, a 110 acre lake surrounded by the property. Approximately 100 structures call Camp home, including 34 cabins located on the shores of the lake.

Camp is divided roughly between three areas: Main Camp, Girls Camp, and Boys Camp. The Main Office, Dining Hall, Lodge, Infirmary, and most program areas are located in Main Camp with Girls Camp and Boys Camp on either side.

Campers stay in cabins that generally hold 10 campers and 2 staff and are located in either Girls Camp or Boys Camp, across the lake from each other. During the day, campers participate in four “programs” held at “program areas,” which include activities like archery, horseback, canoeing, swimming, basketball, and arts and crafts, and 22 others!