Meet The Year Round Staff

Administrative and maintenance Staff

John Tilley, Executive Director

“Old Man Tilley,” as he sometimes refers to himself, came to Coniston in November of 1999. John started camp work as a summer counselor in 1982 and has worked at camps in North Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, California and Pennsylvania. John’s wife, Tricia was raised in Concord, NH and they both love calling the Granite State home. When not focusing on Camp he loves to share the inner workings of Coniston’s success, in hopes of making camping programs across the nation more successful and impactful for youth. John has become integrated in the local community through participation as a Ballot Clerk and a member of the Planning Board– but is particularly known for his passion of chatting at the local coffee shop during the winter mornings.

Lorraine Newcomb, Registrar

Joined the Coniston team in 2000. Lorraine is the go-to person if you are looking for registration information or anything concerning camp operations. Parents – get ready to receive info from Lorraine all winter long! She’s fair and focused on getting everyone possible into camp… but bribes won’t work regarding the waitlist (believe us, people have tried)! Lorraine’s two children have attended and worked at Coniston. Lorraine and her husband Joe are lifelong residents of the Croydon/Grantham area. From working in the school systems to being on the school board, Lorraine knows everyone! In her spare time, Lorraine is found working on her log home… the home that she and her husband built themselves… want to know how to get bark off a tree, just ask Lorraine!

John McNair, Summer Camp & Operations Director

John has a long history at Camp Coniston—camper in 1993, CIT in 1998, and staff member in 2002. He has served as CIT Director, Boys Camp Director, Maintenance, and Senior Program Director just to name a few. He also schedules, trains and supervises Adventure Camp, Service Trips and all Coniston travel program staff. In addition, he focuses on the management of facilities, infirmary, and food service, as well as the general oversight of summer camp. John will help with staff recruitment, hiring, and capital development.

Nicole Berthiaume, Summer Camp & Staff Development Director

Nicole has been connected with Coniston since 1993! Most of Nicole’s family has also worked at Coniston or attended as campers. She has held many staff roles, over the years from Cabin Counselor, Office Assistant and most recently the Afterschool Director. As Director of Summer Camp and Staff Development, Nicole focuses on camp operations including staff recruitment, hiring, training and management, alumni relations, community outreach, and career development. Nicole loves animals; you should ask her about her love of the Wildebeest!

Lindsey Tompkins, Director of Mission Advancement

Lindsey joined Coniston in 2016. With her she brings an energetic personality and a true passion for developing youth. Lindsey oversees the alumni development, annual fund drive, and any major gift campaigns. She works in partnership with the entire Coniston staff to ensure that communications strategies, messages, and tactics are aligned with the board’s overall plan. Lindsey lives with her husband and three children in Henniker, NH. During her free time, she loves spending time with her family, unplugged, and outdoors.

Jesse Ladd, Alumni Relations & Development Officer

Jesse first joined our Coniston team in 2017 as an international cabin counselor. Throughout her summers with Coniston, Jesse worked in many different positions including Dance Director, International Coordinator, and Community Days Counselor. After graduating from The University of Sheffield with a degree in journalism, Jesse joined our year round team in 2019 to work as an Associate. She then had a year away from Camp and moved to London to work in a primary school. Jesse now works for Coniston half of the year from her London office and the other half of the year here at Camp. This year she looks forward to continuing her work with Coniston within a different side of development and alumni relations. In Jesse’s free time, she loves exploring the city and spending time with her niece and nephews.

Emily Judkins, Office Assistant

Emily joined the Camp Coniston staff in 2012. A graduate of Quinnipiac University, Emily continued on to attain her M.S. at Southern New Hampshire University. Emily grew up in both Lebanon and Grantham and now lives in Wilmot with her husband, Josh, and two boys, Trenton and Griffin. She was a Coniston camper in the early 90’s and is very excited to be back. Summer nostalgia brings up some of her best childhood memories because they were right here. In her free time Emily enjoys skiing, boating, and being with her family.

Jill Reynolds, Camp and Non-Profit Management Associate

Jill has returned after a few years to reconnect with our Coniston Community! This year she has taken on a year round position to help with organizing trips, and working at one of our local afterschool programs. She graduated college in 2017 with a degree in Recreation and Parks Management, and spent the last few years traveling around the globe and guiding for some crazy cool jobs! Jill was a camper and staff member from 2002-2014 and is excited to be back with us here for 2021-2022!


Dave Savio, Maintenance

Dave is a key player on our maintenance team and continues a family lineage. Dave’s in-laws have also worked at Coniston over the years, Ed Hutchins, worked in Maintenance and built most of the buildings for the Dudley Family in the 40’s and 50’s. Dave’s knowledge and experience helps us to update facilities and add new areas to camp each year. Dave is well known for wiping out the clutter and overgrowth around the camp facilities. Because of him we have a new cleaning catch phrase… “Just Savio it!”

James Newcomb, Maintenance

James has been tied to Coniston in many ways over the years. As someone who grew up on the same road as Camp, he has been a camper, and worked summer maintenance in 2001. Did you notice the same last name as Lorraine? Yes they are related… she is his aunt! Over the years, James has become an excellent carpenter. He has an eye for detail and wants to make everything work just right. If you’re unsure how to fix something – James definitely will have the answers. We’re lucky to have him on our team again!

Will Budington, Boys Camp Director

Francesca Grandonico, Girls Camp Director