A strong endowment is the financial foundation of any organization. This is particularly true at YMCA Camp Coniston where our unrestricted endowment provides a stream of income to the operating budget each year and allows us to plan and make strategic decisions with financial security.

Camp’s unrestricted endowment income is combined with earnings from restricted named endowments and works in tandem with the Camp Annual Campaign to ensure funds are available to provide financial assistance for all, update program equipment, support staff, and leadership development, address ongoing maintenance and upkeep of facilities and provide camp opportunities for more kids.

By helping grow Camp’s endowment, you aren’t just helping YMCA Camp Coniston this year or next, you are helping ensure the traditions, purpose, and commitment to excellence that you believe in will influence and enhance the lives of campers for generations to come.

The Camp’s campership and endowment funds are administered by a volunteer committee of financial experts with decades of professional experience. Funds are managed to maximize earnings and outpace inflation. Balances are kept within board approval, and target ranges through a mix of stocks and bonds. The Committee meets quarterly to provide financial analysis, investment advice, and oversight of Funds.

For more information contact Lindsey Tompkins.


Anna Raeburn Campership
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