Adventure Camp

At the last minute, a camper cancelled for a two-week white water adventure trip in 1979. In order to fill the spot the camp director asked all the staff if anyone knew a child who might be interested. A young boy attended the trip and his life was forever changed.

This camper, who was not particularly athletic, excelled at the white water challenges. To me, it was proof that camp programs offer more than just fun activities for the summer. The camper’s entire life changed. In just a few years, the camper became a counselor; in a tripping program of course.

How did his life change? It had to do with friends. The type of friends you hear little about. They were the type of friends who demand good grades, good behavior, and high expectations. Not the type of friends who exert negative peer pressure.

Later, that young man continued in trip camping. The experiences of working with youth and seeing the world through travel and adventure, gave him the background to know that he could manage anything. The experiences enabled him to follow the path he loves.

I am sure by now you realize that boy is me.

While I can’t promise your teen’s life will forever change, I know the possibilities and believe in them. I hope you will consider one of our trips for your teen.

The emphasis for Coniston’s trips is fun & camaraderie. Adventures and experiences are part of our package too. See what we have to offer and give us a call if you have any questions.

John TilleyCamp Director