Camp Policies


Behavior & Dismissal Policy

All members of the Coniston Community, including staff and campers, are expected to behave appropriately at all times. At the end of each session each camper is evaluated by his or her cabin leader. If inappropriate behavior, bad language, or use of threats/fights are noted, etc., your camper may be dismissed and asked not to return to camp in the future.

As a close-knit community, YMCA Camp Coniston expects each camper to respect themselves, their cabin mates, and everyone in camp as well as all property. All campers dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not allowed back in camp for the remainder of the summer.

Camp Health Policies

It is our hope that all of our campers are healthy and injury free while here at camp, however minor illnesses and accidents can occur.

We will provide medical care for your camper here at camp within our scope of medical capabilities. If our nursing staff feels that an injury or illness warrants a visit with a physician, we arrange this care and follow any treatment plan prescribed within our limitations.

It is important that we maintain our Health Policies so that we can provide sufficient and consistent care to our campers and staff. The following rules apply:

  • All forms must be submitted online or returned to Camp by April 1st.
  • Medical exams must be no more than 2 years old.
  • Any camper coming to camp without properly signed forms will not be allowed to check-in. Completed forms should be filled out in your Camp-in-Touch account prior to check-in.
  • All campers with pre-existing conditions such as allergies, chronic ear and/or throat infections, asthma, etc. must bring necessary medication in sufficient quantity for camper’s stay.
  • If needed, please also send the epi-pen/inhaler release in addition to the health form.
  • All medication must be properly labeled in its original container with complete doctor’s instructions for dispensing. Any medication not properly labeled WILL NOT be administered. Please do not bring vitamins for the campers. Nurses will not assume responsibility for giving allergy shots.
  • If shots are dispensed during a camper’s stay, an appointment will be made with the local doctor and all charges will be billed to the parent including transportation to and from the doctor.
  • All parents will be notified of serious accident or illness of their camper.
  • Children are responsible for going to the infirmary for their medication. Nurses do not deliver medication to campers.
  • Pharmaceutical charges incurred by a camper while at camp are the responsibility of the parent.
  • Your personal health insurance is the insurance in effect while your child is at camp.
  • All dental problems, including orthodontic appliances, are the parents’ responsibility.
  • If a camper is unable to participate in activities for more than 24 hours due to illness, arrangements will be made for the camper to return home.

Camp Coniston has a local pediatrician on call and utilizes New London Hospital. The parent must assume any other medical arrangements desired.

Special Needs and Accommodation Policy

YMCA Camp Coniston will provide services to children with disabilities or any special needs in the same manner as services are provided for other children of comparable age.

YMCA Camp Coniston will make reasonable accommodations that do not fundamentally alter the nature of the residential camp experience as described in the “Coniston Experience” statement.

Requested accommodations shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A Note on Homesickness

We discourage you from telling your camper that he or she can come home after a few days. This actually encourages homesickness and often makes a child less happy.

Parents should understand that initial letters home might involve strong homesick feelings, especially from first time campers. If after a second unhappy letter, you have concerns; please do not hesitate to give us a call.

We will try to make your child’s experience at camp satisfying prior to calling you. We frequently speak with parents regarding their child’s homesickness while discouraging the child to directly speak with their parents.

Lost & Found Policy

We donate all items left at camp to a local charity. Due to the number of requests we can not mail lost and found items. Make certain to look in all lost and found locations for your child’s clothing.

Tipping Policy

Tipping the staff is discouraged. We do have a “staff appreciation” budget for pizza parties, etc. if you wish to show your appreciation for a job well done. See either the Director or Associate for details.

Cabinmate Request Policy

There are many factors that go into cabin placement and every effort is made to honor requests. However, first year requests are the only ones guaranteed. Campers must request each other and be in the same grade.

Internet Statement for Campers

With Internet use so common among our campers and staff, it is important to define some guidelines for behavior when interacting with others in the Coniston community online.

We ask that campers respect our staff members’ privacy and personal “space” both during camp and also during the “off-season”. While at school, college, or work, our staff members retain the right to limit the contact they have with campers. It is important that campers respect the staff member’s request to limit communication. We strive to ensure that all staff-camper relationships are of an appropriate and safe nature.

In addition, we ask that campers and staff be very careful about what they post on the Internet in any form. It is important to understand that EVERYTHING you post on the Internet is very PUBLIC and likely to STAY on the internet indefinitely. All the major search engines index and archive the internet constantly.

Please review what you intend to post carefully. Don’t give out personal information, email addresses, or other contact information. Don’t use any inappropriate language or speak badly of anyone. Keep all Internet communications civil and polite. Treat others as you would yourself and as if they were in the same room.

If you find anything on the internet that you feel is inappropriate or disparaging of the camp or any member of the camp community, please email the webmaster and report it. All such matters will be treated as confidential.