Service Trips

Adventure Trip - Hike

service trip: CHECK-IN

Friday at 3:00pm

  1. Upon your arrival at 3:00pm you will be greeted on the road and directed where to park your vehicle on the athletic field (A-field).
  2. Please bring belongings to the Service Trip Bus parked at the entrance of Camp. 
  3. If your child has medication make sure it is given to an Service Trip Leader in the original container with proper dosage on the container. 
  4. Once all campers have arrived, group pictures will be taken. 
  5. If you have any questions or concerns on check-in or check-out day, the Camp Director and Trip Leaders are available to speak to you. 
  6. Campers do not have a store account. The Camp Store is closed on Service Trip Check-In and Check-Out days.

service trip: CHECK-out

Tuesday at 7:00pm

  1. Meet your camper at the Service Trip Bus in front of the athletic field (A-field.) Due to Coniston sleep-away camp being in session, please remain on the athletic field area.
  2. At pick up, please check the bus and under the seats for any of your camper’s belongings to make sure you have everything. All lost & found items are donated to charity at the end of each session. 
  3. If you should need to use the facilities, bathrooms are located on the outside of the dining hall.
  4. Group picture, t-shirt and triangle will be given to your camper before you depart for your journey home.

We anticipate check-in day having many changes and we will be notifying all participants via email as the summer approaches.