Frequently asked questions

CIT Program

East Coast CITs

No, you are unable to reapply for the CIT program. You can, however, apply to work at Coniston when you are 18+ and a high school graduate.

No, the Leaders-in-Training program is only for CITs from the year before.

LIT is a full summer staff position with all the responsibilities of Coniston Staff. Note: non US Citizens must be 18 or older to attain a work visa. If a CIT does not have US Citizenship they may not be eligible for LIT the following year even if they get great evaluations.

Yes, when you are 18+ and a high school graduate you can apply & interview for cabin counselor, maintenance, kitchen or another program position.

No, Camper-In-Training is a leadership program run like an internship. It is a prerequisite to be hired for LIT staff the following year. CITs can sign up for Service Trips which are designated volunteer experiences and receive a certificate documenting volunteer hours.