community fundraisers

The Coniston Community is stepping up in a BIG way and there may be ways you can get involved. 

Coniston hats

After spending five summers at Coniston, Kiley MacLeod knew that she wanted to help the place that has given her so much. She decided to sell custom embroidered baseball caps from Custom Ink! The hats picture a canoe and trees above the word “Coniston” and are $28 each with all of the proceeds raised going to Camp.

Orders can be placed HERE


Coniston Bracelets​

1st year staff members, John Shelley and Ellie Wilson jumped into action when they heard Camp needed help by creating a fundraiser to sell Pura Vida bracelets. The sales for these bracelets have closed.

Coniston has also been notified about the Instagram account Bracelets_for_Coniston. These entrepreneurs are selling home-made friendship bracelets to raise money for Camp.

Not only is this a great support to Camp they’ve also found a way to keeping the spirit of Camp alive during these times. All of the proceeds raised are going to Coniston.

Coniston Bracelet

Coniston talent show!

Mia Mckennitt and her fellow CITs have organized a virtual talent show! They are gathering video submissions from anyone that would like to show off their talent and are asking for a donation with each video submission that will go to Camp.

Read the flyer Mia created on the right for more information. 

Coniston talent show image

Coniston Trivia Night!​

Last-year-campers Izzy Pavano and Caroline Thornton hosted a trivia night on Friday (22nd May) on Zoom! They asked for a $5 donation to take part that will go to Camp. 

Pending Fundraisers

Staff members Carolyn Days and Isabel Olson are organizing a T-Shirt Fundraiser! (TBD)

Camp Alumni, Joey Whelan and Ben Mark are planning to host a virtual Trivia night! (TBD)

some fun ideas you can do to help fundraise

If your birthday is coming up why not choose to do a birthday fundraiser on Facebook where you can choose Camp Coniston to be the non-profit you would like people to donate to.

Could be a fitness class, an art class, a zumba class, a yoga class, anything you enjoy! You could ask for a small donation as a participation fee.

It can be super simple. If you tell your friends and family how special Coniston is to you, then maybe they will donate if you ask.

You could choose to do something for a certain amount of time (an hour – 24 hours) and ask friends and family to sponsor you to help raise money for Camp! You could do a ‘marathon’, a ‘danceathon’, a ‘singathon’, a ‘hopathon’ etc! Can you dance non stop for an hour? Get creative!

Invite people to show off their talents or play BINGO on a zoom call and ask for donations to watch and participate.

Work together with your CIT group to fundraise! Maybe you want to compete with another CIT group?!