Daily ScheduleS



Our daily schedules for a two-week session contains four program activity periods a day. Every camper has instructional swimming and seven other activities during the session, which are run on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule.

For two-week campers, Sunday is a different day. First off, we begin as a “lazy day” sleeping in a little late. We then have camper run program with all camp together. We call it chapel and it is fully run by kids and staff. There is always a theme, like “friendship,” “community,” or “togetherness.” They will choose a song or poem and share it with the rest of the Camp. We then move on to a great brunch! For the afternoon, we have all Camp activities and games followed by free time and a barbecue. The evening is a long-time favorite called the ice cream social. It is a Camp wide dance, with a movie in the lodge and ice cream at the dining hall!

Session 5 campers get a schedule that has 4 activities and their schedule is the same each day (swimming is optional). There are some activities that are not offered during this session.

7:30 amReveille
7:55 amFlag Raising
8:10 amBreakfast
8:45 amCabin Clean Up
9:20 amProgram Period 1
10:30 amProgram Period 2
11:40 amFree Choice Time
12:45 pmLunch
1:30 pmSiesta
2:40 pmProgram Period 3
3:50 pmProgram Period 4
5:00 pmCabin Time & Mail Call
5:15 pmVespers
5:40 pmDinner
6:15 pm2nd Free Choice Time
7:15 pmFlag Lowering
7:30 pmEvening Program
8:30 pmClosing & Snack
8:40 pmBack to Bunks
9:30 pmTaps & Lights Out
7:30 amReveille
8:00 amFlag Raising
8:20 amBreakfast
9:10 amCabin Clean Up
9:40 amProgram Period 1
10:30 amProgram Period 2
11:20 amFree Choice Time
12:20 pmLunch
1:10 pmSiesta
1:50 pmGroup Activities
2:50 pmProgram Period 3
3:40 pmProgram Period 4
4:30 pmCabin Time & Mail Call
5:00 pmVespers
5:30 pmDinner
6:20 pmFree Time
6:50 pmFlag Lowering
7:00 pmEvening Program
8:00 pmClosing & Snack
8:20 pmBack to Bunks
9:00 pmTaps & Lights Out