Jesse Charles Barden

In the heart of YMCA Camp Coniston’s ’94 CITs, the Barden Family and friends, the legend of Jesse Charles Barden lives on. His adventurous spirit and kind heart touched many, leaving an indelible mark on the very fabric of cherished memories. There was no one quite like Jesse. From his days as a camper to his role as a counselor, Jesse’s passion for mentoring children and love for the outdoors shone brightly, inspiring us all.

Jesse’s journey at YMCA Camp Coniston began as a proud Carl Witherell Foundation Campership recipient. Here, he discovered his love for campcraft and riflery, skills foundational to his development, which shaped him into the incredible outdoorsman and person we knew and loved. His pride in being a campership recipient was palpable, and he often spoke of how it changed his life.

In the wake of Jesse’s unexpected passing, the 94 CITs, family, and friends chose to honor his memory by creating a campership in perpetuity. The goal was to raise $40,000 to provide opportunities for kids who couldn’t afford to attend YMCA Camp Coniston to have a similar, life-changing, impactful experience. Together, they are ensuring Jesse’s legacy of kindness, humility, adventure, and mentorship lives on.