tutor checklist

Welcome all tutors to Coniston Tutoring! Below is a helpful checklist to help you learn how our tutoring services are administered and assist you with scheduling services. Going through these steps will take about 30 – 40 minutes of your time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to tutors@coniston.org.

Please watch our training video and take notes. If you have questions after please reach out to tutors@coniston.org.

Please complete the tutors questionnaire so we can pair you with a student.

Read through the Tutoring Contract then sign and date so we know you are willing to commit to the program.

Fill out the DCYF Registry Form and return to tutors@coniston.org.

Fill out the Background Check Form and return to tutors@coniston.org.

We will contact you directly with your student’s information and their school information (if applicable). This will be in the chain email, with everyone’s contact information attached.

Students will either be from: Concord Middle/High School, Newport Middle/High School or the Coniston Community.

We will send you a startup packet along with your student’s information on how you will set up your tutoring Google Meets calendar with them. Students will also be receiving your information when we pair you up, so they will be looking out for an email from you! 

Connect with your student directly. Communicate about your availability and set up your Google Meets Calendar so you can start the tutoring process.

Please be sure to show up on the scheduled date and time of your tutoring session or communicate with your student of a change. enjoy

We hope you will enjoy your volunteer time with your student. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, inspirational stories, or concerns we are here to help!