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Overnight Camp

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Yes, you can request one cabin mate when you register your child for camp. Only one cabin mate request per camper is allowed. We cannot guarantee all requests, but we do strive to honor as many as we can. If you did not request a cabin mate when you registered, please send our registrar an email with the camper’s name you would like to request. There is a cabin mate request form that is available to registered campers in late winter. Cabin mate requests do need to be reciprocal in order for them to be considered (two campers need to request each other). See the Camp Policies page for details.

It is unlikely that your camper will be the only new camper in his/her cabin. We place kids based on their age and grade, and do our best to make sure there is a combination of new and returning campers. We are sensitive to the dynamics that new campers face, and our counselors are specifically trained on how to make them feel immediately welcome and a part of the Coniston family.

Please let us know if you child has sleep issues. The cabin counselors will work with him/her to ensure nighttime safety (for example, making sure he/she stays in a bottom bunk if needed).

We want camp to be as enjoyable as possible for all campers, and we offer a wide variety of activities to appeal to all interests. We do our best to match campers with their activity preferences that they indicate on the Activity Preference Form. However, due to various circumstances (some activities being more popular than others, limited enrollment numbers); we cannot guarantee their top choices. Campers can change their activities after the first day depending on availability; however we encourage them to try new things whenever possible!

Yes, as long as your camper knows that he/she is responsible for the item. Sports items may be kept in the cabin, and we keep musical instruments in the office. Be sure to have his/her name written clearly! We cannot replace lost belongings.

We want their day to be special too! Every camper who celebrates a birthday at camp celebrates with his/her cabin and a special cake is made and shared at dinner time.


The telephones in camp are for staff and office use only and cell phones are not allowed in camp. We find that phone calls home can sometimes trigger homesickness, and we assure campers that they will have lots of time after camp to share their fun summer stories! If your son/daughter has an issue that requires a phone call home, one of our camp directors will be in touch with you.

Computers are not available to campers. We believe in giving our campers an authentic camp experience without the distraction of electronics, and they LOVE getting letters via the postal service!

We prefer that you send letters via regular mail, however in special circumstances we will accept faxes for a $1 per page fee. The fax number is 603-863-1620

When sending packages through the post office, send them to PO Box 185, Grantham, NH 03753.

When sending packages through UPS or FedEx, send them to 24 Coniston Rd, Grantham, NH 03753.

Please indicate your camper’s name and cabin number (eg: B5 or G12) on packages or mail you send.

If your child is going to Session 5 (One-Week-Camp) consider putting a package in the mail BEFORE they leave for camp to make sure it gets to them on time.

We do not allow food, candy, gum, powdered drinks, etc. in packages. Critters love treats, so it is best to avoid all food items in cabins!
All packages sent to campers are opened and inspected in front of Coniston staff. Confiscating candy from kids is one of our least favorite things to do, so please save the goodies for their homecoming!

Visiting days are allowed for campers who are staying for two sessions, only on the normal change-over weekends between Sessions 1 & 2 and Sessions 3 & 4.
There is a $250 fee for stayover which covers activities and laundry. Please contact the registrar to add stayover for your camper. There is no stayover or laundry option for campers who are attending Sessions 2 and 3.


There is much anticipation leading up to camp, even for returning campers! It’s an exciting time, yet also one that can cause anxiety at the thought of being away. Here are some things you can do to prepare:

• Have a count-down on the calendar to get psyched for camp!

• Visit our social media sites to see all the fun that happens at camp!

• Talk about camp as a positive place, and if you went to camp as a child, recall your fun memories!

• Be sure to involve your son/daughter in the packing process, talking about activities he/she will be doing as you pack.

• Send your camper with stationery, envelopes and stamps so letters can be written every day if they’d like.

• Pack a favorite stuffed animal or item from home.

• “Pretend camp” before the session starts and role play for fun! Follow the camp’s Daily Schedule!

Letters home to parents expressing homesickness are common, especially for younger or new campers. We take homesickness seriously and work carefully and attentively through these issues with each camper. If needed, we will certainly be in touch with you and discuss a resolution for your son/daughter. In the meantime, rest assured we are working hard so your camper will come home stronger and more independent, with great summer memories!


No, campers do not need money while at camp. They should not bring cash and other valuable items because we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Our camp store is open on Check-In and Check-Out day, and you can purchase Coniston items then!

All medications are given to the nurses on Check-In day, and they are distributed 3 times a day at meal times. Campers should not be keeping medications, prescription or over the counter, in their cabins.

If your child is seen in our infirmary for routine ailments, our nurses will take good care of him/her here at camp. If the nurse feels your child needs to see the local pediatrician, we will contact you and let you know why, and what the treatment plan is.


Many campers pack in traditional trunks or large plastic storage containers. After campers unpack, all luggage is stored underneath the cabin or in another building, so it is best to pack in something that is water tight.

Yes, we recommend enough clothes to cover each day your child is here at camp! We also recommend more than one bathing suit!

Laundry service is available only to those campers who are staying for 4 weeks and who are staying over between sessions. Laundry is sent out between Sessions 1 & 2 and between Sessions 3 & 4. Not between Session 2 & 3. Clothes must be tied in a one load size, cloth laundry bag, with camper’s name clearly printed on outside. Don’t forget to label all clothing as well!

All lost and found is donated to a charity at the end of each session. Due to the volume of things left behind, we cannot return items to you. Please carefully check cabins, the A-field, and the lost and found for your camper’s things on Check-Out day.


Yes, Camp Coniston is accredited by the American Camping Association and is licensed by the State of New Hampshire.

Yes, we do offer scholarships and financial aid. Please e-mail our registrar, Emily, at for information