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YMCA Camp Coniston is a place where kids try things for the first time. Perhaps it is archery. Perhaps it is swimming. Perhaps it is being away from home. Learning to solve problems independently is the first step for your child to learn resilience and self-sufficiency that will help your child successfully navigate the growing pains of adolescence.

There is always a lot going on at Camp, so we hope you explore our website and read more to understand the basics of our program.

Just remember, when it comes to Coniston, people come for the excitement—but they return for the love!

summer camp

Every summer since 1911, children ages 8-15 gather at YMCA Camp Coniston for an experience of pure magic. Campers may attend a maximum of (2) Two-Week Over Night Camp Sessions, AND… You can also add on as many additional weeks of Adventure Camp or Service Trips as your schedule allows!

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Over night camp

Summer camp is fun! Children can make new friends, try new activities and learn independence. Coniston runs four two-week sessions throughout the summer and one one-week session at at the end of the summer. 

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adventure camp

For ages ages 12-15. Coniston takes children to explore the natural beauty of the Northeast. Coniston offers six one-week trips and a 10 day extended adventure. Children will learn outdoor adventure skill and activities .

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service trips

For students who have completed 1 year of high school and are 16 or younger to engage in community service experiences and adventure team building experiences around the Northeast.

Is your child applying for cit?

Here is your guide to what CIT is and what it means to Coniston and your child.

price of camp

Our Board of Directors works diligently to keep the price of Coniston as low as possible. Lower prices lead to greater access to our programs. That is why Coniston is a bargain compared to many other summer camps.

One way we achieve greater access is by making the price of Camp less than the amount we spend per child. Yes, you read that correctly. Last year, we spent $149 more per camper than we charged. Fundraising made up the difference.

Having campers from every walk of life is what makes Coniston—well, Coniston. We hope you’ll agree and support our efforts.

Payment Plans

Applications for summer begin on July 1st.  When filling out the application you will notice you have payment plan options. Among the choices, you can choose between automatic monthly payments or one single payment. We hope these options will make paying for camp easier for your family!

dare we mention The "H" Word?

Homesickness. To some, it means missing the comforts of home. To others, it may mean missing a parent. These are normal feelings. In fact, you may not have considered the sense of accomplishment a child can feel by working through those feelings. It can help a child thrive. It can lead to greater self-reliance, independence and confidence. Independent research has shown camp participants are more likely to succeed at college than their non-camp peers.

Coniston staff are well trained to help kids feel comfortable and make it through the times when they may miss home. Here’s what we do: identify and redirect children into other activities. Enlist other staff members (or maybe even campers) to maintain a network of support. If a camper continues to struggle, the Boys or Girls Camp Director will call home.

Please rest easily knowing that most children don’t become homesick. But when they do, we are prepared to help, and they will grow from the experience.

Career Development

When you drop your kid off at Camp you expect them to learn a little archery and make some friends. What you probably have not considered is Camp may be where your child fills out their first competitive application, has their first job, and hones work skills they will use for the remainder of their lives.


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