Thank You to our Coniston Nurses!

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials are an essential pillar in providing our society with comfort and safety. In many cities in lockdown, healthcare workers are thanked every night for their work. A chorus of applause and cheers echo through the city from the apartments and balconies along the empty streets. A daily act of gratitude to the people who are working above and beyond. Coniston would like to extend an enormous thank you and encourage others to display their gratitude to healthcare workers in our local community and nation.

We also extend a resounding thank you and Class A Clap to our camp nurses who provide safety and comfort to thousands of kids every summer at camp. They are a driving force in making Coniston a welcoming and comfortable place. However, it’s not just Coniston that they impact. When they are not supporting our campers and staff many of them are school nurses and help keep children stay healthy and safe all year.

Our nurses are so important to us. While they are keeping camp and their local communities healthy and strong they are also helping our communities stay connected. Many of our nurses have taken on the role of helping send hundreds of kids to camp on camperships from their local districts. By doing this, many children who may not have had the chance, have had the opportunity to enjoy a summer (or many) by the lake as campers then as counselors, Program Directors, Boys’ and Girls’ Camp Directors and leaders in the Coniston Community. Beyond the Coniston Community, our nurses are also dedicated to send members of the Concord Refugee Community to Camp, giving more people summers at Coniston. Their work cannot be quantified as they are a cornerstone to the camp and local community. Words could never explain our gratitude for your efforts and selflessness.

To our camp nurses and all healthcare workers, who tirelessly work behind the scenes we say thank you for taking time away from your jobs and lives. You truly are the best.