2000 CITs Raise Money to Keep Camp Alive

CITs of 2000 were bummed to have their 20th reunion cancelled due to COVID-19—they had been looking forward to reconnecting and learning how the program has changed over the past 20 years. Additionally, their hearts went out to the 2020 CITs knowing how crushing news of cancelation must be after riding the high of opening the acceptance letter.

…CIT summer had a major impact in shaping my personal growth and self-confidence…we had to do something to make sure future campers have the opportunity we were so fortunate to have...

Brian Doucet

…challenges bring new opportunities...

Jack Calcutt

The 2000 CIT group are all over the country and in many different walks of life, but rallied together and raised $15,000 for the Keep Coniston on the Map Campaign and “rebuilt” the CIT cabins they lived in for summer Y2K. 

The group was proud to participate—in stronger numbers than any other CIT year—in the Coniston Trivia Fundraiser held on ZOOM and they continue to gather for virtual reunions to catch up on their lives. Many have kids of their own and some were going to head to Coniston for summer 2020. They are looking forward to getting Coniston back in session for campers and reuniting in person the near future. 

…camp taught me the life lessons that have enabled me to lead a happy, fulfilling life. I want to make sure many more campers and staff members have the opportunities I was given to be a part of this amazing community for generations to come...

Gen Izutsu