An Amazing Start to Summer!

The first session of the summer is behind us and we received some very thoughtful emails we wanted to share…

Dear Camp Coniston,
Our kids just had their first overnight camp experience – and it ROCKED. We’ve had family who’ve attended and worked at Coniston – and we’ve worked at other Y camps – and this is our first personal Coniston Experience with our immediate family and it exceeded expectations.
After an internationally traumatic year, to be able to be offline and in person – having sleepovers and talking with friends – after a year kids were physically closer to their parents than ever – and had to be shushed while we all were working on zoom – to let loose – dance on chairs – to have freedoms – to mix with other kids – is SO SPECIAL – and you all greeted us with warmth, joy and normalcy! We know things aren’t normal behind the scenes – life happens within and outside of camp walls – and the pandemic still impacts everyone – AND YET – you provided an island of joy for so many in this camp – AND HOPEFULLY YOURSELVES! Working at camp is a special time – of growth both for the campers you  serve, and for yourselves. Soak that in. You are givers and you can be takers too – of the amazing energy you create and are surrounded in.
Our daughter, who was more hesitant to go to camp, just said “That was one of the best experiences of my life! You get to dance in the rain, sing on the tables, and be yourself.”  Our son, said he cannot wait to return next summer and hopeful to work on staff. 
Thank you for an amazing start to our summer. We know it will have ups and downs and challenges and joys – we sincerely hope you enjoy this roller coaster. You are huge role models (what our kids are talking about – both favorite counselors and vespers talks.) 
Thank you for showing great coping and joy.  

Dear Camp Coniston, 

I picked up my daughter today from her first year at Coniston- she was positively beaming and crying at the thought of leaving her new-found group of buddies. It was more than either she or myself could have hoped for. 
On the ride home, she told me about paddling in a canoe with a younger boy. She said it was nice because they talked about his being homesick and my guess is that she really enjoyed being the ear for someone else’s experience with something (homesickness) that she has struggled with. 
When I asked about a favorite counselor, she replied “EVERYONE of them!”. Thank you for all that you do to make camp a fun, safe, and welcoming place.