Bar Harbor Bank supports Coniston and Local Community

Local communities are a shared experience for all humanity. At first glance it is counterintuitive that in order for each of us to achieve our maximum potential as individuals, a group of people needs to come together to provide an atmosphere that supports each of us. The stronger that group is, the better chance the individual has of achieving their possibilities!
Coniston’s local community is no exception. We are especially grateful for our partnership with Bar Harbor Bank and Trust. In December 2019, Bar Harbor Bank pledged to send local children to Coniston and improve the pavilion. Renovations will provide space for more children to play, develop, and grow by reconfiguring the old bathrooms and constructing an adjacent stage. 
Bar Harbor Bank has also been an outstanding ally for Coniston amidst the global pandemic. Their staff were instrumental in helping Coniston navigate the Paycheck Protection Program more commonly known as PPP. Due to this partnership and effort, Coniston acquired funding to pay all its staff, including afterschool supervisors and employees throughout the 2019-2020 school year and summer.