Alumni News: Birth Announcements

Welcoming new members into the Coniston Community is always exciting and it brings joy when our alumni and community welcome a child to their families. We would like to extend a congratulations to alumni and community member who have experience the joy and happiness of welcoming new members to their families.

Congratulations to Ben Mark and his family who welcomed Madeline Anne Mark on January 4th.

On Saint Patrick’s Day, Former Boy’s Camp Director, Sam Coleman and his family welcomed Lawrence Harper Coleman to the world.

Morgan Milardo Schermerhorn had a baby on October 29th. Welcome, Theodore Joseph Schermerhorn.

On December 20th, Meridith (Astles) Lee and family welcomed Lucca Margaret Lee into the world.

We are incredibly happy for all of our camp alumni and families who are starting or growing their families and can not wait to welcome them to the Coniston Community!