Rainy Days: Finding the Magic in Any Weather

Why do we love rainy days at camp? 
We asked campers and here are just a couple reasons why — 

“The water is really nice in the rain.”
“It’s nice to cuddle in the cabin.”
“It’s raining cats and water!”
“It’s easier to frolic in the rain.”
“The vibes.”
“I love rainy days in the cabin.”
“Indoor evening programs.”

When it rains, we always have a back-up plan. 

At landsports, the campers and staff trekked away from the rainy fields to find a new spot to use their hockey sticks.  They found a place right outside of the dining hall. Under a tent, affectionately known as “the slab,” the counselors set up the game of street hockey. 


It turns out the slab was a perfect place for an impromptu game. Frisbee, on the other hand, embraced the rainy field for their game of mini-ultimate frisbee. We hope all white shirts made it out without a stain, but no promises. 


The senior Basketball period accepted the rain and played an intense game of pickup. It was known that the rain was the 6th defender for both teams. Of course, they had time to pose for pictures (Is that the Celtics starting five?).


Girls Waterfront wasted no time jumping into the water, because as we know, the water is  always warmer in the rain. The campers and Waterfront Instructors compared the water to a “nice bath” or a “relaxing sauna.” “Swimming in the rain is magical,” Claire, Waterfront Instructor.