Career Counseling for 2020 Staff

Coniston staff make connections and are naturally skilled at adapting to a situation and solving problems effectively. In the summers, it is what they are asked to do on a daily basis, executing at a high level. With Camp unable to occur to ensure the safety of our campers and staff, it left our staff with the prospects of finding a new job or internship for the summer. With summer approaching many staff may be feeling overwhelmed with navigating the job and internship search in the current COVID-19 climate. However, we are privileged to experience the support from the Coniston community.

Patricia Hunt Sinacole, founder of the human resources consulting firm First Beacon Group and mother of one of our Counselor In Training directors, volunteered to sit down with the Coniston staff via Zoom to help them navigate finding summer employment and continue to professionally develop. Pattie covered many topics from immediate plans such as improving resumes and LinkedIn profiles to reaching out to employers and providing valuable skill sets to gain experience. Pattie sat down with every attendee and helped tailor a plan to their specific needs for summer internships or employment.  Each plan depended on the attendees interests and motivations for summer employment, such as gaining industry specific experience or financial compensation. At the root of the conversation was the opportunity to pivot the skills utilized at camp to lead staff to a summer that helps them gain valuable experiences.

Among the many ideas and pieces of advice offered was the idea of pivoting the skills our staff excel at during the summer and utilizing the connections they make. Whether it is embracing entrepreneurship and helping a restaurant or retail company adapt to new guidelines through remote internship or utilizing the childcare and lifeguarding skills learned at camp and offering childcare, staff were encouraged to look at their own skills and recognize creative ways towards a summer that fulfills their professional needs.

Coniston staff was also encouraged to utilize and recognize their networks including family, friends, their schools resources and of course the Coniston Community. Conistonians were also sitting in on the call as prospective recruiters and looking to gain information on the current needs of staff, while offering their advice for career exploration and experience. Coniston staff member Michael Hawley, found an internship in wealth management through the Career Counseling meeting with Pattie showing the power of Coniston connections at work. If you have any opportunities or are willing to offer guidance for staff or recent alumni please post in the YMCA Camp Coniston Career Development Group on LinkedIn or contact