Looking Back at Summer 2019

What an amazing summer! Camp sure seems quiet without the joyful noise of the Coniston beat at every meal, the cheers from a cabin winning an evening program, or the applause of campers watching their friends in the talent show.

Magical moments and memories were made everywhere throughout the summer months at Coniston. We had five wonderful sessions, six thrilling adventure trips, two impactful service trips and four extraordinary CIT cohorts. Let’s take a look back at some of the amazing moments that made Summer 2019 one to remember.

The middle of June saw our wonderful summer staff arrive ready for a summer of directing program area activities, living in cabin, leading trips, serving up delicious meals for the kids, and positively impacting campers’ lives. We had many returning staff members who come back to Coniston summer after summer, showing their passion for Camp.

We also had fresh faces inour great new group of leaders in training, as well as new staffmembers from overseas. This summer our international staff was comprised of people from all over the globe, including: England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, Germany, Hungaryand Colombia!